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View From My Window!!

Light makes us alive! I was not me few days back. I was kind of lost in my own thoughts and it was like its just about me. Didn't know what to paint and how to make my time worth while .All I was doing was "not painting" and regretting all of that. So ,this is the painting I did during that time. You can now understand why it is so dark. This is the view from the back window of my room. I did not want to go out and do anything . Then I decided I will sit inside and paint this scene. Out of sheer laziness. But after an hour into the painting I forgot almost everything and was totally into the painting. The painting, I would say took me out of the dark hole. I am glad that I decided to paint when I was not feeling like doing it. Also there are so may people not doing things knowing they should be doing them like writing the poem or painting the picture. Though I am a small voice here trying to tell everyone that we can get through times like these if we keep on doing what we should. The most important thing is to find a soul in everything we do. And if we support each other we can do a lot better and we can also grow together. I hope that helps you in some way. I also tend to forget that , so that is the reason I am writing about it. I would like everyone to keep improving so that seeing them I will also keep growing. Lets reach out to the core emotions and touch a human soul in some way through our work. I hope to one day be able to bring out feelings from my work and my paintings are no more about how well its painted but how well it brings out human emotions. I am in Bangalore and the weather is quite gloomy here , its raining while I am writing the post and that was a little weather report from ground base in my room ! Thanks for reading!

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