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Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Change can be an unforeseen trauma that can change us forever,it might end up shifting our behaviors and feeling.

Painting depicts the change a person is going through, stepping from one phase to another with acceptance , yet feeling sad for leaving behind a part of them.

The childhood!

The first time a person realizes that, there is an emotional crisis too. The day when you no longer are expected to do things you were doing as a child, or just thinking about the carefree days!

I think those days were given to us to show us how to dream, to be joyful and curious and to be carefree, everyday of our life! That all, is later taken from us and turned into anxieties and into pressure about the future. We are molded to follow a code for life when in reality there is no code.

The sadness, you and I are feeling is not because the childhood days were so great or joyful and are gone, but according to me it is because the present is not as exciting as it used to be, there is no curiosity, no more dreams now.

Though I painted this to grab the attention but what I really wanted you to understand that there is a lot more things to be happy about, a lot more things to look forward to!! We are not here to follow a code or to feel sorry about anything !! That's not what we are made for!

I wonder why people don't believe in magic!! When there are so many magical things all around us...something like life itself is magical...We seeing ,beautiful animals and blue sky is magical!! Colors are magical. You!! you are magical.

So turn towards the light that you left behind and face the sun!! The magic of the world will guide us all.

There is nothing to be sad about!! We are still here and anytime we want we can turn towards the light that sparkles our hearts!


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