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Under The Tree!!

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

The scenery with huts and rivers was what we used to draw as child, but this is not an imagination. Yes!! true!! People still live like this and there are many, how do i know you would ask, I know because I happen to belong to one of these places. My village Majhilaha!

A beautiful sunrise over the sky and a beautiful pink weather on a winter morning it was, when I was mesmerized by the beauty the light was creating.

The farm in the front is planted with mustard and I wonder how it will be looking right now when all the mustard have flowers on them. As I always mention I am amazed by rural India. I think this is the part of my life I would never want to change.

The painting speaks thousand words, the clear morning sky and the messy neem tree with a more solved sack of hay on the hut is what makes it special.

The bunch of trees you see behind is called Bagiya ( garden) in my village, this garden of trees have Bamboo trees , mango trees and mahua ka ped!

Back to the hut, I will explain a little about how this beautiful house is made.

There are big grasses which grow near the riverside in our village and those grasses are used in making the hay you see on the top and sides too. The people wait for theses astonishing grasses to dry and then collect them with bare hands and make a Chaan (roof), Chaan is the design of the top part of the hut house which people assemble themselves with the help of Bamboo and some sort of strings. Then the few neighbors come together to help and lift it to keep the chaan on top of the house!!

Don't you think its amazing where you still find a strong sense of togetherness in a society, love and the most important part is how they are so close to nature.

Though it gets difficult at times but as difficulty goes up people do find better solutions!

The whole painting I created was to focus on the basic lifestyle that people in India have and how amazing it is!

Thanks for reading.

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