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The fallen tree by the River Side!!

Time inspires me the most! The things we used to love and cherish once upon a time are no longer there. Just think of a place that was serene and beautiful and now a building stands there, or maybe a tree, which was huge and beautiful giving shade to the land underneath but now there is a tractor standing on its place. The places we see are changing continuously, just like how we get old, places we visit are also having wrinkles of the past covered by layers and layers of new changes. I feel capturing a scene is not just about how beautiful the place looks but how much beauty it hides behind itself! So being present at this time, knowing the places I know right now makes me feel there is magic distributed all around ,we just need eyes to see it deep and clear. I came to this place so many times and every time I am here it gives me joy! My mom and I , we both have very sweet childhood memories attached to this place! A scene from local village cum city Jaunpur, India. On a fine day I went to the river side and saw the fallen tree, it is a black berry tree ,too old ! Got to know, last years rains knocked it down! My Mommy told she used to climb and play on it in her childhood days. She felt really bad bad about it! Though it is still beautiful, I decided to capture the fallen beauty scene! The river looks even more pretty with the tree prostrated! I was interested in capturing the bends and curves of the tree, the foliage around the walkway and the morning light. Winters were slowly covering the village in its blanket and there I was with my pochade box ready to paint in cold morning. It was a three hour painting session added with few hours of studio touchups that turned into this piece. Every tree that is standing do have its own place and when its gone there is always a void that cant be filled. Thankyou!

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