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That Mango Tree

The tree did not open up about everything he had witnessed all his life, though he told he likes humans. The cold wind in its shade made the words clear. I was sitting and trying to have a conversation with its twists and turns, with every leaf it has! This reminds me of the crazy old days when I was only thinking about trees, grasses and yellow butterflies! The sun at 5 pm always impressed me, I knew I had to tell stories about him. And here I am, painting the sun at the very spot where it was peaking through the leaves, trying all new kinds of romance with the winds. What had always been there, is always out of sight, just like the stories of sun and breeze. Cherishing every day is what living is if you think about it. What we will always have is this moment, this is the only reality we have, not the past or the future, only this very day. When the wind blows playing with the loose strands of my hair, I notice the slightest things around me that makes me feel alive. I have many stories in me that I have to tell, I hope you all find the courage to tell yours too. This is our time of life and it is our moment, this very moment is precious, it took a long time for me to come to senses and now when I am fully aware, I just want to tell everyone else too. I sometimes talk a bit like I am in a fantasy world, but if you pay attention we actually are! This piece of art reminds all of us to admire the wind, the serenity under the tree, the psithurism and most importantly the very life of life. I hope you always find the courage to shine through all kinds of situations and problems, I wish that for you. Thanks for reading.

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