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Purpose of Art

Art is a window into transcendence. It points to something beyond itself and the one who made it. We need that in our life because we are limited, finite and locked in boundaries set by our own ignorance.

It is to bring forward the elements of being that have not yet entered the collective consciousness. It gives us hope, people are attracted to pretty pieces not because they are ignorant of the problems around the world but because terrible problems weigh so heavily on humans that that we are in danger of slipping into despair and depression, it is an emblem of optimism through which we can raise awareness and make people feel deeper the things they felt lightly.

It is a personal act of courage, something that one human does that creates change in another. Art have the power of moving us in a way that jolts us from our current path. This is my friend the purpose of ART.

You can also watch this video, I think this will help you understand art better. You can as well enjoy mini creation of the artist.

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