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Neighborhood Nature

While taking an evening walk with my mother I saw this beautiful lighting and immediately went out to paint the evening mood.

we live in air force campus area and its really boring at times to see all these old buildings but sometimes when light falls on them the whole place looks magnificent.

I am in love with nature and sometimes I wonder if there are people who have this great desire to stay connected with the nature, who think about it everyday like me.

I would like to connect with some of those highly passionate people who think its important to be as basic and as attached to nature as possible.

I went on with painting the scene to capture how it feels to be around trees and grasses and wind and sky. Even though, you cant hear it but there are beautiful birds chirping all around, singing songs with crickets, creating melodies beyond imagination.

Next year we'll be shifting outside the camp and I am trying to be present here as much as possible. We are living in a very condensed world right now, where the access to so many things are restricted. So many people are living in a small space with cemented sidewalks and tared roads, everything is man made around them. I always wonder if it is possible for them to believe that there is their share of sky and ground which is waiting for them to be taken only if they dare to have it.

I think deeply upon all of these things and always want people to understand that the only happy way to live is to be present, to be present on earth and always stay connected with other life forms. According to me, it's really important and as I understand it I want others to understand it too and make life a great joy.

I would like to know yours views too, please do comment and let me know.


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