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Morni !Peahen Painting !

Morniee. Peahen. I love peacocks and peahens Here's a small story behind this piece! I was a small kid minding my own business riding my new bicycle in defense camp in Ambala. We had these huge empty areas and an area with dense trees ..we used to call that jungle!.(coz trees were huge!) For the very first time I still remember a saw a peahen and her family. The peacock guy was chilling on a tree flaunting his beautiful wings and there she was trying to protect her babies and feeding them and walking over the grass lands with them...I just thought that females should be more prettier than males! I was shocked knowing at that time that peacocks are males and not females! And then this theory took a large space in my mind that in animals males look more beautiful than females that kind of shattered me and I still clearly remember that! I wish I knew more about females than just being show beauty at that time. . But now I know so I decided to color that memory again by making the queen like the most wonderful creature ever. And that there are many more things beyond just being pretty on the skin. . We females pretty cool pretty smart pretty intelligent pretty ambitious pretty loyal and pretty caring, whether in humans or in animals!

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