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What to paint during lockdown? Why not try some self portraits! I was really bored during the initial lockdown phase like everyone else! Had no clue what to paint and what else to do! So one day I just was covering my face with a face pack and suddenly the idea of painting a self portraiture came to my mind. I wanted to capture the basic life activities or self care routine in a more classic way. i took my brushes and stabbed at it !! The results were really awesome and I knew I was doing something worth it and productive! Did a couple of paintings like these! Showing the intimate side of myself. I really like painting on round canvases as they convert everything into beauty. So that was all about inspiration . I painted this in Alla Prima which means finishing a painting in one sitting! Many landscape painters use this style to paint paintings on location. It is a pretty good way to practice and it surely improves you artistically. What to paint has really been a very difficult question when you don't know what's the painting style we are going to have! but I have realized this one thing that art is everywhere around us ,we just need to open our eyes to see it. when I was starting out I was concerned with many things like : what to paint, what will be my painting style, do I want to be a portrait painter or an urban painter, I would look at other artists the whole day trying to find out inspiration, I would collect a lot of reference images and thought I would paint those. BUT but BUT! let me tell you nothing works! as long as you don't decide from within that you have to paint! Inspiration comes from within, this might sounds simple but it was quiet difficult for me to actually realize that and also to find it! Although right now I don't have a prominent style of painting but I know for sure that painting is autobiographical! It's all about your life and experiences and what you like and love! Start painting your life and a lot will be easier, you will see "what to Paint" question will go out of your way and you will have a new way of looking at art. Everything with fix in place :your style, your genre . Again coming back to the painting!! I also entered into a competition named "3rd Women Artists Art Exhibition" :and got an Honorable mention in the show!! This painting is sure lucky for me. Do checkout my work and other artists on their website through the link below.

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