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Majhilaha Days!

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

The place which is really close to my heart is Majhilaha, our village. My fathers hometown and its a typical village in Uttar Pradesh. Very basic and really pretty, what identifies with me are the farms and beautiful Babool trees here. They are everywhere and have such beautiful green leaves that my eyes feel blessed to see them! I tried capturing one of the hundreds of trees here in the morning. The leaves are really small so they don't put heavy weight on the stem and that is why the stem is so lean. The leaves I would say are like clouds on earth.

I get this retro feeling whenever I look at the vistas of my hometown, an old prestigious place that needs to be saved! Urbanization has really transformed our country and is still transforming, its high time to actually look at the influence that is creating on our surroundings. I don't know why we are so fascinated by western culture that sometimes we forget what we have here is amazing too! Well I am just trying to make a difference through my art, I am hoping to inspire people to look at where they are and find beauty!

If my paintings could even touch a single person, I will think that my whole piece of art has served its purpose!

I try to create art that touches all of us and show us a really fascinating picture which is exciting! That stays with us.

I will probably be going to have one more trip to the village and thus I am hoping to create more art!

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