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Green Corner!!

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

This is a small corner which is used to dump all the wastes of the household and see how beautiful of a place it became now. I was fascinated by the beauty at sunrise and decided I would have this on my canvas. The space in the painting caught my eyes when I went with my sister to feed the buffaloes in the morning! Took out my canvas and painting gears and started working.

The neem tree above is covered with creepers which are wrapped in like a beautiful ribbon around a present.

This is during winters and people including my family stack up the woods to keep themselves warm!

So if you leave your bed in the morning, it's stone cold outside, I am not sure how many of you are familiar with sardiyan (winters). But it's quite a chilling experience. It was really difficult for me initially when I encounter winters of north India (i.e. after living in Bangalore for so long!), But a few days later I was Ok. In the evening the woods are fired just like a campfire and the whole family sits around it for warmth and that I found to be one of the best times of the day. My Grandma had an eye surgery so I was there all the time with her. We would sometimes, during the day, sit under this tree to have a filtered sunlight. The winter sun has a special significance, whole time people will actually wait for the sun to come out!! But it's different for me , I wait for the sun everyday, maybe some of you guys too!

I assumed that everyone's favorite season of all seasons is summer, but little did I know it was not true, when I

asked my cousins they all like winter and that's their favorite. It was a bubble buster for me though! lol!

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