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The festival time is the most interesting and I would say the most happening as well. I find it most fascinating with the prayers and traditional attire which we Indians are famous mom loves to cook and she will prepare these really interesting dishes every time on every occasion be it birthday or Diwali. Seeing her baking, frying ,sorting and cooking ,really fascinates me. Also there is one rule in our house that if there is something sweet cooked it will be first served to god along with prayers.

So the other day my mom prepared these Gulab Jamuns ( a sweet dish from India) for Holi and if you smell them you can’t control, it’s that amazing! (Some day I will call you home to treat you with Mom made Jamuns.)

According to the rule we had to serve it to Gods ( we have so many of them) first, and seeing them on the plate I had this uncontrollable urge to have them while my mom was busy praying. That’s when this idea of the painting came up in my head.

Then I decided to have somebody pose like that,but I just had mom and me as models lol.

Took my camera with its stand placed it in a place where it could capture both of us (posing of course) with the setup and the lighting coming from the left side of the window along with the light from Diya ,which was going to be the main source of light in the painting , and finally took multiple shots.

Then I chose one picture to paint ,manipulated the lighting and finally painted on my canvas.

The painting almost took a week to finish. This piece is really close to me because this is the first story telling painting which I ever painted. I really liked how this showcases a normal incident in theatrical lighting. I submitted this painting for an international art competition whose results will be coming this week. Fingers crossed.

But whatever will happen this piece is like a turning point in my painting journey. I am in love with these king of concepts and looking forward to paint some more.

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