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Akash Vihar (The Campus Area)!

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

It's been a year since we shifted inside the Air force campus quarters, but it feels like just yesterday! We have been in Bangalore from past 8 years and Bangalore has welcomed us like a family. This city is really beautiful and especially the defense area is amazing.

Buildings are really old and gives the feeling of some kind of vintage era!! Smallest campus I have ever been in, I mean normally the AFS campuses are really large spaces. But this is a small camp in the middle heart of the city.

I love the quiet and calm atmosphere here, its like getting into a soundproof room in the midst of loud chaos. PEACE!!

People are good too but, I prefer trees and buildings over them.

Hopefully this year there will be lot more paintings to be done in the area. Looking forward to making some crazy composition in this rather not so fancy place.

Though its difficult to think about what to paint here as everything seems too symmetrical and uniform. I like more chaos and roughness but, this place is really a nice challenge. Will be definitely thinking about some crazy angles .

I really really love the tall trees along sides of the entry road, just feels like they are welcoming and greeting you.

Sunsets and sunrises are brilliant and you can see some rare birds as there are so many trees everywhere inside! The best part ever!

Thanks for reading!

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