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Updated: Jul 2, 2021

How we all abandon the things which once served us! All the things we had once and all the things we leave behind, do they have any meaning? I keep wondering what if we meet the things we left in the past, will we feel something , like how we feel when we meet people we left behind? All those thoughts led me to paint this piece! I think what makes things and people beautiful are memories!! I am sure you would have experienced something like that. This painting depicts all the past memories stacked along in our mind. The most dearest memories, shines the brightest!! I am also fascinated by old vehicles and especially scooters!! The time when Bajaj scooters announced they wont be making scooters in India anymore, I was a little proud to have one with us. I thought it's really nice to own a scooter, now when we know they are not made anymore! Little did I knew my father had a different plan. When we were moving to Bangalore, Papa decided to leave our scooter behind because for him it was of no value!! But for me and my younger brother it meant lot more than just a vehicle! We had our brightest and shiniest of memories with him! When we left him behind I had this deep sadness somewhere inside my heart. We moved on with time though , but still whenever I see a scooter I remember the blackish grey scooter of ours, and it still makes me miss him. I am not sure if there was some personality in him or its just that I was too attached to my first motor vehicle. I still feel him saying you left me behind. Thanks!

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