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Shraddha Singh is a realist Landscape Painter and her art embodies a sense of freedom and optimism. Through the use of lights and shadows her artwork mesmerizes the viewers senses and touches them. They can connect with the artwork and at the same time be amazed by the color usage!.


The subject matter is unique and the artwork takes the viewer away from  present, brings them to a place in time swaying off all other thoughts and teleports them to a place familiar. The viewer engages with the subject matter which  takes their attention and they are moved and touched by the art , the piece is bringing up the feelings lost in the mundane life, it brings them back to the mixture of good feelings, hope and inspiration. The work seems to be the play of colors arranged so well with the subject matter that it works like magic. Out of all this her work compels the viewer  to see more of her! .The viewers gasps at the connection each piece of art makes with him. 

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